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Welcome to Desert-Mountain-Jungle, designed and maintained by Dominic Hamilton, a travel writer and guidebook author with extensive knowledge of the country gained from various trips to Peru over the last years.
The site is made up of articles, impressions and images from my travels in Peru, including driving north-south through the country in my jeep in April '03 and my trip to the world's deepest canyon (Cotahuasi), for example.
You'll also find practical information on recommended hotels and tour operators, the articles I've published from my travels and a video of the Inca Trail which I made. I trust you'll enjoy your visit.
Peru is a beguiling and contradictory country. Its name conjures lush Andean hills, yet desert sands muffle large parts of the country. One expects the majesty of the Inca Empire, only to find poverty and an Indian population seemingly sunk in melancholy. One chases the traditional, but wonders how to determine the authenticity of traditions in this, our globalized world. One is torn between admiration for the gall and bravery of the Conquistadors, while lamenting the destruction and horrors wrought on the country's people since their arrival.
Despite my various visits, I find Peru as elusive as the lost cities buried deep in the cloudforests of the Andes. I can only hope that more trips will help me unravel its mysteries.

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